Website Relaunch – Integration Training

Brighton based Training Company Integration Training contracted BC Design & Development to update their website. Their specification was very focused as Mark (Director) wanted to maintain the overall look and feel of the website but modernise it with an updated CMS which produces dynamic content.

BC DD Client – Integration TrainingAfter just a few weeks of working we re-produced the website superbly maintaining the original look and feel as well as adding in some user friendly aspects such as drop down menus and Social Media Tools.

Integration Training train people to make them more efficient, happier and healthier Our interactive management training programs improve your bottom-line results, productivity and staff performance. Some of their tailor made training courses include (Links provided to the relevant information on their website):

Emotional Intelligence and Management, Non Verbal Communication Body Language, Anger Management at Work, Business Training Courses, Training and Development Methods, Stress and Stress Management and Management of Stress to name a few.