Gordian Solutions New Website

Paul Dallibar is the owner and Managing Director of Gordian Solutions. His business helps a range of clients from business start-ups to long established family concerns. Often the businesses are on the cusp of a major change in their size or direction, or their business performance is not inline with their aspirations. Gordian Solutions brings a professional and highly confidential business support service to ensure each business achieves its maximum potential.

After many years of contemplating about a website for the business, Paul finally contracted BC Design & Development to assist Paul in the creation of a simple website which would provide a web presence and credibility for the company. After a few weeks of contemplation we arrived at a design which portrays the correct appearance for Paul and Gordian Solutions.

If your business requires could do with assistance in direction or advice you can contact Paul through his website contact page at www.gordiansolutions.co.uk.